Types of Hydroponic Growing Systems and How They Can Benefit You


There is no better environmentally acceptable system that is sustainable than hydroponics. With proper feeding, this system will rid soil-borne diseases and pests as well as improve nutrient and water intake by the plant. The results of hydroponic growing will include having a better yield and crop size per unit area. There are a few available home and commercial systems for use. Coming in a varied range of size and shape, you can obtain a hydroponic system virtually within your budget.

Hydroponics is mainly defined under the subset model of cultivating plants in an aquatic or soil-less medium, known as hydro-culture. Instead of using soil to provide for source of water and nutrients, a mineral nutrient solution is applied.

For the plant growers, this is a truly exciting time. The traditional limitations of season or climate no longer play a major role in the growth process of plants. With these conditions virtually controllable, we can now grow any plant type at any time without worrying about yield. With modern LED glow light bars to provide for lighting and effective hydroponic system at doctorponic.com, we are free to explore growing of our favorite plants at any time.

The following is a list of some of the most common hydroponic systems that can be used for plant growth.

The Drip System

This is perhaps the most common hydroponic model in use today. It is composed of a timer which controls a water pump. This pumps water together with a Growth Technology nutrient solution to the plants via a network of raised water jets. In case of excess solution, there is a recovery system which helps collect it back to the reservoir. However, this system requires regular monitoring to the reservoir to ensure that the pH level does not vary too much or low on the desired level.For further details regarding the benefits of Hydroponic Growing, check out http://www.ehow.com/how_2067787_start-hydroponic-garden.html.

The Water Culture System

As much as this is probably the simplest hydroponic system at doctorponic.com/rural-house-flower-pots-resin-flowerpot/, it is also an active one. It involves having the roots of the plant totally submerged in the water culture which is comprised of a unique Growth Technology solution of nutrients. To enable proper oxygenation to take place in the water, there is an air pump. It is important to note that very few other plants will survive in this system apart from the lettuce.

The N.F.T System

The Nutrient Film Technique allows for a steady flow of a solution of Growth Technology nutrients which is pumped into the growing tray from a reservoir. A growing medium is thus not required on the tray. Roots from the plant acquire all nutrients from this flowing solution. Recycling takes place when excess solution pours into the reservoir. The major maintenance issues involve the electric components and the pump to avoid roots drying.


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